composite veneers

Composite veneers

What is the process like with composite veneers?

Composite veneers can be made both with and without a guide, but will look just as nice and last just as long no matter which technique Sebastian means is best for your case. For easier scenarios with fewer number of teeth, composite veneers can oftentimes be made during a single visit without involving a dental technician. The same goes for “edge bonding” and “black triangle closure” treatments. 

If the situation is more complex he uses a lab made guide as a base to shape your new teeth. We usually receive this guide 10 days after your first visit with us. 

In the cases where a guide is used, the guide is made by a dental technician in Oslo. It starts with you visiting Dentist Sebastian that scans and takes pictures of your teeth. He then passes your treatment goals to the dental technician.

Composite, like Porcelain, comes in many variations. If Dentist Sebastian uses a guide and shapes your new teeth according to the Injection Mold Technique he uses G-ænial® Universal Injectable and if he does it by freehand he oftentimes uses Venus Diamond.

Composite veneers are in general made without tooth reduction presuming that your teeth are in a position which allows it. The probability of this being possible might be increased if you first go through treatment with for example Invisalign.


3900 NOK/tooth for composite veneers made by Dentist Sebastian. There is no price difference if they are made with Injection Mold Technique or by freehand. This includes scanning and pictures of your teeth.

4900 NOK for 3+3 Vivera retainers to sleep with, which also can be used for whitening. Sometimes not necessary, but often increases the longevity of your teeth and can be a good investment.

How long do composite veneers last?

On average they last between 4-7 years, in some rare instances up to 10 years. Composite requires more maintenance than porcelain since it more easily discolours/fractures.

It is recommended with polishing of composite 1-2x/year, for example together with your yearly visit, to keep the shine of the restaurations. The patient’s hygiene and habits are the most important factors for a sustainable long-term result.

If something happens it is rare that everything needs to be exchanged at the same time, often it is enough to improve single teeth. We offer 1 years guarantee on our work, presuming good oral hygiene and yearly dental.

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