Dentist Sebastian Däröste has a unique approach with minimally invasive “Smile Makeovers” and as a result has been in the media several times.

You can read below about some of the most popular articles.

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28. juli 2022


Read more about an example where aesthetic dental tourism led to lifelong consequences and how Dentist Sebastian Däröste believes this could have been avoided with more gentle treatments.
21. juli 2022


Dentist Sebastian Däröste gives tips and advice on how to make your teeth last longer. Both tips when it comes to brushing your teeth and diet for a healthier mouth, which often means cheaper visits to the dentist.
10. juni 2022


In collaboration with WaterPik, Dentist Sebastian Däröste explains why this product can be nice to have in addition to a toothbrush and dental floss for even better oral hygiene.
8. mars 2022


Dentist Sebastian Däröste goes through many of the benefits of Invisalign, the longevity you can expect from shell veneers and the importance of listening to the patient so you can help them make decisions that are good for the long term.
2. juni 2020

Fredrikstad Blad

Thanks to Frank Løke, cancer-stricken Linn was put in contact with Dentist Sebastian Däröste, who helped her find solutions that suited her cancer treatment and life situation.

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