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Invisalign Prices

What does Invisalign cost?

As you can imagine, the more you need to move the teeth, the more it will cost. To make it easier for our patients we operate with clear price packages for complete transparency with our patients, minimizing surprises at the reception desk.

Payments can be handled either through a payment plan with Svea StorePay or down-pay an amount every visit throughout your treatment which of course is interest free. We can however for obvious reasons not finish a case before payment has been made in full or a payment plan has been approved.

Three different Invisalign categories:

Invisalign Lite (up to 14 aligners):
45 000 NOK

– For mild cases.
– Up to 15 months interest free.

Invisalign Comprehensive (up to 39 aligners):
55 000 NOK

– For moderate to complex cases.
– Up to 18 months interest free.

Invisalign Comprehensive Plus (>39 aligners):
65 000 NOK

– For complex cases.
– Up to 24 months interest free.

Up to twice as fast treatment with OrthoPulse:
5000 NOK (optional)

– If time is an important factor for you.<

In all three categories the following is included: 

  • All necessary visits
  • Treatment of both jaws
  • Additional aligners if necessary at end of treatment*(some competitors charge 5000-10 000 NOK per extra set)
  • Minor reshaping of teeth by polishing (value 2000 NOK), not additional bonding
  • Teeth Whitening that can be used during or after your treatment (value 4500 NOK)
  • 6x Vivera retainers after treatment (3 upper & 3 lower, value 4900 NOK)
  • Fixed bonded retainer upper & lower (if necessary, value 2050 NOK/jaw)
  • Dental Monitoring – Digital analyzation of your teeth at every step ensuring that you stay on track while reducing the number of visits. No one else in Norway provides this (value 5000 NOK).

The following is not included in the above four categories:

  • *Additional aligners if you have not followed the Doctor’s instructions
  • Any other type of dentistry such as fillings, veneers, root canal treatments, teeth cleaning, examinations, removal of teeth etc.
  • Replacement of lost aligners if lost more than once

A common way of payment

  • When you decide to proceed with treatment, it starts by a down-payment of 5000 NOK to create a detailed ClinCheck plan and to discuss it the following week.
  • When you like the plan and want to order your aligners, another down-payment of 10 000 NOK is necessary.Then you have paid 15 000 NOK that have been subtracted from the total amount.
  • The remaining amount can then be distributed throughout your treatment time. When you are halfway through your treatment, you should have paid half the total amount.
  • We help to keep you on track roughly every second month. If you want to pay more or less a certain month, notify us and we will arrange for that.
  • If you near the finish line you can apply for a 6 month interest free payment plan on the remaining amount. 

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