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Invisalign Treatment Planning Service and Mentoring

Do you want to treat a patient yourself and want a more predictable treatment plan?

Every week I spend several hours helping dentists internationally with their treatment plans.

Due to high demand, I offer the following services:

1. Fixed price per treatment plan

280 EUR per ClinCheck.

140 EUR per refinement provided I made the first plan. The idea is to get a more predictable plan and to minimize the number of refinements, but the results depend, as is well known, on follow-up / compliance / complexity.

Buying refinement planning or not is up to you as you already have a basic plan as a basis to start with. This saves you a lot of planning time, but probably also in terms of total chair time at the clinic thanks to a more efficient treatment with fewer visits and higher predictability. You can then spend the gained time on new patient treatment / leisure instead.

Option 1 is done on my own in my spare time and I will let you know when it is ready for approval. This does not include that I subsequently explain the reasons behind various over-corrections / attachments / staging / etc. This type of feedback can be found under the mentorship model. But you can still learn a lot by seeing what adjustments I made and how I communicated with the technician.

All I need from you is a login, a ClinCheck ready for editing (with photos and OPG) and info on what you and the patient want.

2. Mentorship model

190 EUR per started 30min. Pre-booked sessions via Google Meets / Zoom that can be added outside normal working hours. You prepare your questions and have made clear what issues you want to discuss before the meeting. You decide how this time is distributed and whether you want to go through theory, questions and answers or work through your cases. Most popular is usually that I plan 1-3 cases per 30min in front of you, depending on the complexity and how many questions you have. Then I also explain how I reason while I edit so you can follow the thinking process.


Questions that require me to log in to your Invisalign Dr. Site, case-specific questions or anything else that cannot be answered in a few words must be collected and addressed within a booked time in accordance with 2. Any adjustments that remain after the first editing of a case is up to you to continue on, or book a new time to see if a case is ready for approval.

I do not have the capacity to answer anything other than very simple questions by e-mail / SoMe. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and what appeals to you the most!


Send an email with your thoughts and the information below to me at:

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I look forward to helping you! 

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